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Daily ZQ Photo v2
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Anonymous asked: Are there any special/favorite roles, you wanna see Zachary in? Like you could cast him in whatever you want?


  • Zach as Dr. Frank-N-Furter.
  • I still want to see Zach as Gershwin or someone from that era because clothes and accent.
  • A project that involves singing and dancing. (not glee or smash lol.)
  • This is me crackcasting because I love Moriarty so I crackcast Zach as Sebastian Moran in SherlockBBCverse. (i don’t ship Mormor tho)
  • I want him to play a loving father in a familydrama thing. 
  • A main love interest in a romcom or romantic drama.
  • a dirty cop, a washed-up model from the 90’s, a lawyer, a republican politician, a henchman for an Italian mobster, a soldier dealing with PTSD and his dog, a shady doctor, a secret double agent, a vampire (hehe), someone with drug/alcohol addiction, someone dealing with mental illness, a non-redeeming hateful character like serious fucked up person, Jesus, a professor, a high school teacher, a priest…
  • idk anymore. 

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