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Daily ZQ Photo v2
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This is a Zachary Quinto blog. Forreals.


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Anonymous asked: the name still doesn´t make any sense to me, a substitute for what? he´s too hipster for me I guess.


it could mean:

  • substitutezach
  • sparezach
  • notrealzach
  • artificialzach

I might sound crazy, but i always have the opinion that celebs have a public persona and this account like his twitter/fb is mainly for public consumption where he can communicate with the fans. Obviously, Zach has RL friends and family and he’s tech savvy like you and I, so he probably has his private social media accounts with a fake name so he can communicate with his friends/family privately.

ersatzach to me means Zach’s public persona. The photos he shares are still him and it’s a part of his life,but it’s not his ~entire being~. It’s a taste of ZQ, but we won’t ever get a whole buffet of Zach unless you’re friends with him in real life. (but really we all have different kinds of ‘self’ so we can’t fully know a person. i mean, my cyber persona is different from my real life self and how i act with my friends is different from how i act with my parents, etc. wtf am i typing)

or it doesn’t have to make sense at all. it’s just a play of a words + his name. 

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